Make Money Online – 50 Opportunities to Gain Financial Independence

1. Article writing for revenue sharing sites

Earning money online by writing articles for revenue sharing sites is one of the purest types of passive income you can generate. Put in the work of writing and optimizing an article once and then reap the benefits forever!

Revenue sharing sites allow you to publish your articles for free on their platform. Ads will be placed strategically throughout your article. Typically about 60% of all generated ad revenues will land in your pocket. In addition, you are allowed to place some contextual affiliate links as well as self-serving links provided they adhere to your site’s policies of publication.

Writing articles for revenue sharing sites has various advantages to creating your own website or blog:

  • Purely focus on content creation
  • Freedom to write about almost anything
  • Benefit from a vibrant community
  • Profit from domain authority
  • Help in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Completely free

Selecting a revenue sharing site is the most important decision any author will make. It will determine factors such as what percentage of ad revenues you can keep and how many affiliate and self-serving links you are allowed to integrate into your article. Based on your selection, you’ll either be able to profit from a vibrant community and helpful staff or be more or less on your own. Most importantly, your choice will determine how easily your articles will be found on the Internet. Many of the better sites have a respectable domain authority and will assist you in optimizing your articles for search engines.

I’ve conducted a lengthy study on which revenue sharing sites offer the best terms and conditions to their authors. Successful writers for top sites like Infobarrel or Hubpages are making thousands of dollars of residual income each and every month.


2. Make money online with Youtube

Youtube is a great way to make money online for all you video enthusiasts out there. Whether you’re a subject expert wanting to create instructive tutorials, have a talent in editing and mixing existing footage or simply want to share your thoughts or life experiences, Youtube is the place to be. With over 3 billion monthly search queries, it’s the second largest search engine after Google.

To earn income from your Youtube channel, you will have to join the Youtube partner program. In order to become a partner your account must be at least 30 days old, in good standing and the program has to be available in your country. As long as you follow community guidelines and have no copyright strikes on your account, you should be fine.

Contrary to popular belief, your success on Youtube will not solely depend on the number of viewers you but on a variety of other factors such as:

  • Do proper keyword research
  • Upload videos regularly
  • Build a brand & get lots of subscribers
  • Create unique, great quality content
  • Custom optimize monetization
  • Respond to your viewers comments

Taking your time to do proper keyword research is particularly important. Choose a keyword you can rank for, one with high CPC (Cost-per-click) and make sure it targets a specific demographic. Advertisers love to place their ads in front of a defined demographic. To give you an example, conducting proper keyword research can mean the difference between earning 50 cents per 1000 views and 50 dollars per 1000 views.

Once your video is uploaded and properly tagged, go ahead and play it to see what kind of ads are shown. If they are irrelevant to the content, change your title, description or keywords. Test, update and tweak and test again – you get the picture. Only content relevant ads will get you the views and clicks you are looking for. Thousands of members are making thousands of dollars on Youtube every month. Top earning Youtube stars are making literally millions a year.

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